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Realarchitektur is an architectural practice owned and run by Petra Petersson.

Several of the projects have been published and exhibited internationally, and have received renowned architectural awards. The diversity of the projects, for example two conversions of bunkers to house art collections, conversions of industrial buildings, extensions and inner city infill projects, as well as a pre-school and housing developments, are all linked by Realarchitektur’s well designed, focused and solution-orientated proposals. The diverse contexts and functional  requirements are handled in a creative design process inspired by reduction and pragmatism, in close cooperation with the authorities, the users and the client.

“For Realarchitektur, inspiration comes easily thanks to the architects‘ inquisitive natures: by examining the underused, the everyday and the familiar, and combining their findings within the project restrictions and spatial situation, they see themselves as transformers of what is already there.”  (101 of the world’s most exciting new architects, Wallpaper Architects directory)

Prof. Petra Petersson Architektin BDA,

was born in 1966 in Lund, Sweden. After attending school in France, Switzerland, the USA, Germany and Sweden, she studied architecture from 1985 at the Technical University in Lund, Sweden, and at the Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art, in Scotland. She received her Diploma of Architecture in 1991.She has 30 years of post-graduate architectural working experience. Before founding Realarchitektur in 2003, she worked in architects’ offices in Glasgow, Auckland, Stockholm and Berlin.

Prof. Petersson is a registered member of the Berlin Chamber of Architects and an elected member of the BDA. Since 2019 she is a registered member of the Graz Chamber of Architects.

She is regularly invited to be on Architectural juries and publishes, exhibits and lectures about her work internationally.
Since 2013 Petra Petersson has been a Professor of Architecture at the Technical University in Graz, Austria, where she is the head of the Institute for Construction and Design Principles ( Since 2018 she is the dean of the Architecture Faculty


Petra Petersson, Kerstin Zahn, Henning Watkinson, Gordon Black,

Beatriz Perez, Christopher Leitner, Alejandro Prieto Mota, Fíona Canavan, Julia Hegenwald, Mak Pavelic, Daniel Niens, Anne Neumann, Tabea Däuwel, Felix Arlt, Emi Bryan, Philipp Bünger, Julia Molles, Bärbel Ackerman, Hans-Peter Bauer, José Calvet, Julia Otte, Andrew E. Strickland (founding partner 2003–05), Jens casper (founding partner 2003–2007), Wolfgang List alias CosmicW, Bernadette Krejs, Karin Maria Derix, Dorina Siewert, Sören Hanft.



Selected as 1 of 10 finalists for the „Stockholm Building of the Year“

(Årets Stockholmsbyggnad) award, Sweden.

2nd prize, Lidingö Urban Environment Award (Lidingö stadsmiljöpris), Sweden.

Twice winner of the Berlin Architecture Prize. 

Nominated for the BDA  Big Nike Prize.

Shortlisted for the BDA Nike prize for best atmospheric effect.

The Chicago Atheneum international award.

BDA Berlin architecture prize and BDA Lower Saxony architecture prize.

Nominated for the European Mies van der Rohe Award.

3rd Prize at the Contractworld Award.

German CONCRETE architecture prize.

Nominated for the Nordic FORUM AID award.

Reiners Stiftung Architecture prize.

Competition successes

Runner up, Competition at the LKH Graz, Austria for the Extension to a Child and Youth psychiatric Clinic

1st prize, investor-led competition, Ascot, UK

1st prize,  Weitsicht Cobenzl, Vienna, Austria, in collaboration with mostlikely

Honorable mention, Flottiljen, Järfälla, Stockholm, Sweden

1st prize,  collective housing, Tensta, Stockholm

Shortlisted, Swoosh!!!: Shrinking Cities competition in collaboration with ifau

Honorable mention for Aachen and Essen, „StadtBauKultur-Leitprojektes 1000 Baulücken in NRW!“ with ifau 

Shortlisted, WeberHaus: Ideas competition for a prefabricated house in collaboration with Ifau

List of Projects (selection)


Completed Projects:

Weitsicht Cobenzl, Vienna, Extension and conversion. On Site, completion 2022

Housing, Manteuffelstrasse, Berlin. On Site, completion 2022 

Attic extension and building renovation, Invalidenstrasse, Berlin. On site, completion 2022

Conversion and renovation, apartment, Leipzigerstrasse, Berlin 2021 – 2022

Attic extension, Stephanstrasse, Berlin 2018 – 2021

Staircase renovations, Berlin-Tempelhof 2020 - 2021

Maisonette conversion, Berlin-Mitte, 2019 – 2020

Renovation existing housing, Grimmstrasse, Berlin-Kreuzberg 2017 - 2018

Conversion and remodelling of a housing complex, Weberwiese, Berlin 2015 - 2017

Conversion of a bunker to a museum for the Feuerle Collection, and construction of a new apartment on the roof with John Pawson Architects, Berlin-Kreuzberg, 2012-2016

Maisonette conversion, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, 2013-2015

7 villas with jetties at a property in Lidingö, Sweden, 2010 - 2015

Preschool with 5 units in Hägersten, Stockholm, Schweden, 2007-2014

Housing Stockholm: 38 Residential Units, inserted in Hägersten, Sweden, 2007-2014

Apartment für Goro in Berlin-Neukölln 2011-2012

Conversion of a villa in Berlin Zehlendorf 2011 - 2012

Loft conversion to offices, artist studios and apartments, Berlin-Neukölln, 2011

Renovation of Volksbühne Theater in Berlin in cooperation with AGP Architekten 2009

Brauerei Rollberger, conversion of the listed Sudhaus brewery complex, Berlin-Neukölln 2008-2009

Renovation of an apartment in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, 2009-2010. 

Renovation and conversion of a villa in Djursholm, Stockholm, 2007–2009

Sammlung Boros: Conversion of a listed air raid bunker to a museum and construction of an apartment, Berlin-Mitte, 2003-2008

Renovation of an apartment in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, 2008–2009. 

Renovation of an apartment, Belle Etage in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, 2008.

Artist studio and house, 2008. 

Detached house Bürgerbuschweg in collaboration with Sören Hanft, Oldenburg, 2006–2008. 

Temporary exhibition pavilion at the national building exhibition Bo06 in Tensta, Sweden 2006. 

Apartment renovation in Berlin-Kreuzberg, 2006. 

Schaulager gallery 3107, Berlin-Kreuzberg, 2006. 

Conversion and renovation of a villa in a listed area in Berlin-Zehlendorf, 2005. 

Renovation of a house in Berlin-Bergfelde, 2003–2004. 

Renovation and extension of a villa in Malmö, Sweden 2004–2006. 

Tagesspiegel Goro.jpg

Project development, planning permissions and competitions


Invited competition Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum, Innsbruck 2021

School and housing competitions in Austria

Outline planning permission, new build, Karl-Liebknechtstrasse, Berlin 2021 

Renovation of a listed building, Berlin-Tempelhof 2019 - 2021

Competition and development of a villa in Ascot, UK 2020

Project development property in Berlin-Spandau 2020 

Residential and commercial buildings, Fabrikgasse, Graz 2019

Planning permission, new build and attic extension, residential and commercila building, Paul-Lincke-Ufer, Berlin 2016 – 2019

Densification strategies, residential area, Friedrichshain, 2017 - 2018

Planning permission, conversion of factory and loft to apartments, Lausitzerstr. 2016 - 2018 

Conversion of Schlossmuseum Lützen 2017-2018

Planning permission, housing 35 unites, 3500m2, Hasenheide, Berlin 2017 - 2018

Planning permission, attic extension, Graefstrasse, Berlin 2017

Planning permission, attic extension, Urbanstrasse, Berlin 2017

Planning permission, extension housing, Planufer, Berlin 2016

Housing competition Schulzestraße, Berlin-Pankow, 2015

Floating swimming pool with waterfront building in collaboration with Wilk-Salinas Architekten, Kvarnholmen, Stockholm

Arndt Secondary School, invited competition with AGP Architekten 2011.

Järvafältet Cemetry competition 2009

Täby townhall competition entry 2009

Art-center NK, proposed conversion of Kindl-Brewery Berlin 2008

Development plans for several sites in Berlin and surrounding area 2008

Development plans for several sites in Stockholm 2007 - 2008

Sundsvall competition entry for a theatre centre in Schweden, 2008

ETH Studenthousing: competition in collaboration with Uhrmeister Arch., Switzerland, 2008

Havsskimmer: competition entry for a dance pavilion in Falsterbo, Sweden 2006

Curiosity: competition entry for a library in Helsingør Kulturværftet, Dänemark, 2006

BKA: competition entry for the Federal Criminal Police office in Berlin, 2006

The Dubai Marina Gardens Tower and Gate Village: Residential Consultants für Hopkins Architects Dubai Office 2006-2007

Topografie des Terrors competition in collaboration with Uhrmeister Architekten and Timo Herrmann BBZ, Berlin, 2005

Competition entry for a school in Niederlausitz, 2005

Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm Centre, competition entry, Berlin, 2004

Competition entry Kalmar Art Museum, Sweden, 2004

Competition entry for a church in Oslo, Norway, 2004

The Wooden Urban Village of Myllypuro: Housing competition, Finnland 2003

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