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Boros Art Collection

From 2003 to 2008 the former air raid bunker in Reinhardtstraße in Berlin Mitte was converted to house an art collection and a private residence.


Clients: Christian Boros and Karen Lohmann
REALARCHITEKTUR Project Team: Petra Petersson, Jens Casper, Andrew Strickland, Wolfgang List, Bernadette Krejs, Karin Maria Derix
Site supervision: A+O Berlin, Thomas Heesing.
Structure: Ingenieurbüro Herbert Fink
Landscape: bbz Landschaftsarchitekten
Photografs: Noshe, Hanns Joosten, Stephan Falk,
2003 – 2008, completion 2007, opening Sammlung Boros 2008

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